EyeGaze Technology

EyeGaze Technology

  We have just heard that the Rockafeller Foundation in the US will fund the purchase of EyeGaze equipment and research to provide profoundly disabled children in Leeds with access to digital learning resources to support them in their schools. The $10,000 grant will make a significant di

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LCC Broadband Offer

LLN Future Project - ICT Services Corporate Offer to Schools

LLN Future Project - ICT Services Corporate Offer to Schools 25th. February 2013 John Charles Centre Presentations included: Introduction to the Council Offer ai??i?? Andrew Byrom defined the agenda: No discussions about the current service No facts and figures about the numbers of schools c

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IT Blog

As part of our CPD programme at the East SILC I put together a demonstration of 3 differing technologies to access PCs for children with physical difficulties. So, on Thursday 21st. March 3 students from different high schools in Leeds demonstrated their ability to word process in front of an audi

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Braithwaite & Jackman

New Network at Braithwaite & Jackman

April 2013. Nemesis have been chosen to install a new network at Architects Braithwaite & Jackman in Leeds. This prestigious partnership was established in 1880 and have projects throughout the UK and Switzerland. You can also see the video clip of the feature

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School Broadband

Schools Broadband

Schools Broadband have teamed up with Connect-Up to offer alternative ISP packages to schools. At meetings convened at Weetwood Hall they revealed managed migration deals attractive to primary schools. Using BT Business circuits they are offering FTTC speeds of 80Mbs/20Mbps for A?3600 pa and 40Mb

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You’ve authored or co-authored a number of ebooks in the last few years, including the internet and social networking for social emotional learning and the flipped classroom the full picture

About Us

NEMESIS Systems was set up in 1985 in response to the needs of one Arts organization based in London with a national profile. In those pre-internet days you had to know your DOS and be a good coder. The business grew rapidly to encompass many branches of the Arts and today it is based in Leeds.
We are a close group of professionals who combine specialist knowledge in Networking, Security, Servers and Web Design. We work in schools, hospitals and small businesses. There aren’t many IT consultancies who go back 25 years… for very good reasons. I earn a little extra pocket change and readers have the access of my posts as a ebook that can be easily accessed and read on their mobile device

SEN Leaders Visit

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East SILC John Jamieson School

Thursday 21st. March saw a visit by SEN leaders to the East SILC. The morning was spent at John Jamieson School with a demonstration of the upgraded network infrastructure and the recently installed Ruckus Wireless network. The impact of these improvements made over the last year was illustrated by the depth of the management and monitoring of the network. [Read More]

Where now for Leeds schools?

Leeds Learning Network, or LLN as it is (occasionally) affectionately referred to as, will

Leeds Learning Network

effectively be no more in 2014. Some will mourn it’s passing but many will see this as an opportunity to get an ISP connection more in tune with the needs of an Education sector keen to embrace new technologies and the freedom to go to the market place with a wish list that only a high speed connection without compromise and tiresome restrictions can grant.Ai?? [Read More]


Our background is Microsoft Windows because, let’s face it, this is the platform that Ai?? the vast majority of us use whether we are are in the public or private sector. We know windows Server and desktop operating systems and how to optimise them to give our customers reliable and productive computers running software which they know and are comfortable with. We might criticise new releases of Office products and the constant need to update and patch our servers but they keep the worlds of business and education spinning.Ai?? [Read More]